News Blips: BioWare Announces Post-Ending DLC for Mass Effect 3, Shadowrun Returns’ reaches Kickstarter goal, Take-Two CEO shares his thoughts about THQ, and more

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News can either be good, bad, or ugly. I think we got an interesting batch here. It really depends on how you, the reader, view these topics, so let's get to it!

News Blips:

BioWare will be releasing a free DLC pack Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut this summer to provide "closure" to anybody who wants it. BioWare claims that the DLC will not change the existing endings but expand upon them. After seeing some reactions around my office, most of my coworkers just want to see the original ending.I guess if you're against the ending being changed, you can simply ignore the DLC. I haven't beaten the game myself, but I don't mind having an option to have more. Though, even if I did, I won't be complaining to EA about it. [Escapist]

Shadowrun Returns reaches its goal of $400,000 in 28 hours. With 23 days left, you still have plent of time to give them more of your money. You know, at first I thought Double Fine was going to be the anomaly when it came to such large funded projects, but then stories like this spring up. Look at what you have done, Tim Schafer!

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick claims that THQ won't be around in six months. I can't help but feel that this is a bit of an irresponsible thing to say, especially during the MIT Business in Gaming conference. Instead of focusing on how Take-Two can do better, he just brings up that at least he's not in THQ's position. The greatest part is that THQ responded to this with the same thought in mind. [Joystiq]

Draw Something reaches 50 millions downloads since its February launch. It has bested Angry Birds Space as the number one paid app on the iOS App store. Amazing how a game with all of the marketing Angry Birds has as well as a partnership with Space Invaders can't beat a title which can be done with just paper and crayons.

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