Whatever happen to that Mushroom Kingdom?

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Whatever happen to me and the Mushroom Kingdom?….that Italian plumber in red overalls jumping on turtles while on mushrooms. We’ve grown so far apart me and Mario….it’s kinda sad when I grew up with him. My first system was the original Nintendo, that grey and black controller. Two buttons and a D-pad controlling Mario and his endless adventures, I still haven’t beat the first Mario Bro’s game till this day.

I loved all things Mario, he could do no wrong in my eyes from playing tennis to racing. I always had my self a grand ole time with him and his crew. So what happen? 

Did I grow up and just want to shoot things or want more complex stories then fight Koopa's and rescue the princess for the 100th time?

Honestly Nintendo is the culprit here, the Wii has turned me off from playing anything on there system. The major factor is the no HD support, it’s painful to the eyes to play games on Wii when I’m so used to beautiful HD visuals from the 360 and PS3. Yea I know this is an old argument that has been talked to death, so what else is it?

Maybe its the Wii controls, Super Mario Galaxy feels forced at times with its motion controls. Waggle here or point there….Nintendo can I just please shut it off?

Now the new Zelda has true motion controls…..I don’t know if I’ll be joining Link on that adventure. Which is a god damn shame because I enjoy myself some Zelda, one could say that Nintendo’s games have a certain magic that Disney has with there movies. It’s why Nintendo has such a loyal fan base, it’s that nostalgic factor they pump in all their games with. Slowly but surely its wearing off because it’s fan base is growing up and wants more from them. Better online, true HD visuals, sure the motion controls can be fun at times…but how long till people get tired of it?

Get tired of Mario or Zelda? I don’t want to live in a gaming world where those franchises don’t exist. I still love them and I still want to jump on turtles heads as Mario and explore underground dungeons as Link. I just want them to grow up a little and match the features I get from other consoles and games….is that too much to ask for Nintendo?

For now I have the 3DS to pick up, I really hope it will bring me back to that Mushroom Kingdom, so I can I jump on some turtles and kick Bowsers ass for the 100th time….it never gets old.


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