News Blips: BioWare did “falsely advertise,” Dragon Ball Z for Kinect, and Demon’s Souls goes offline

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Carbon Games’ AirMech was one of the coolest demos at PAX East. Turns out the real-time shooter/strategy title is available for free right now on the Chrome Webstore. Follow this link, install, and enjoy.

News Blips:

According to the Better Business Bureau, BioWare did “falsely advertise” Mass Effect 3. In a blog on the BBB website, the corporate watchdog took issue with the wording that the developer used in promoting the finale of its sci-fi trilogy. “Did BioWare falsely advertise? Technically, yes, they did,” wrote the BBB’s Marjorie Stephens. According to the BBB, BioWare’s guilt lies in this statement from its website: “…the decisions you make completely shape your experience and outcome.”

Stephen’s problem with BioWare is with the developer's use of the word “completely.” Since that is an absolute statement that leaves no room for interpretation, if the game has even one moment where the player’s choices aren’t taken into consideration, then the word “completely” isn’t applicable and BioWare’s assertions about the nature of its product would be incorrect. I know that sounds like a bunch of semantic crap, but that is the essence of truth in advertising. Thankfully, this type of regulation doesn’t relate to dating or else the Better Boyfriend SWAT team would be breaking down my door every night.

Begin practicing your “Kamehameha,” because Dragon Ball Z for Kinect will arrive this October. “There’s going to be no better feeling in the world for fans of the Dragon Ball Z series than standing in front of their screens and unleashing their own fists and raging blasts upon enemies with this game,” said Namco Bandai Vice President Carlson Choi at a company press event today. Presumably, said unleashing of fists and raging blasts will only be possible after several days of flexing and powering up in front of the Microsoft peripheral. The motion-controlled fighter will have over 100 moves which will all be activated by the delicate flailings of your average anime fan. Can’t wait for the YouTube videos. I bet we’ll see over 9000.

Atlus will shut down its North American Demon’s Souls servers on May 31. With well over 30 months of activity, and a popular follow-up in Dark Souls, Demon’s Souls is finally slated to lose all online-related features. The difficult role-playing game won’t peter out; Atlus is inviting its fans to log in for one last Demon’s Souling on May 31. Deactivating the servers won’t incapacitate the title, as most of its single-player campaign has always been hosted natively on the console. [Game Informer]

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