News Blips: Skyrim getting Kinect support, Sony announces revival plans, The Old Republic’s new patch, and more

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Something something "Fus ro dah."

News Blips:

Developer Bethesda is adding Kinect funtionality to Skyrim in a free update sometime in the next couple of weeks. The patch will include more than 200 voice commands for Microsoft's Xbox 360 motion controller and will allow players to command followers, navigate menus, and activate Shouts with somewhere between a 50 to 2,000 percent increase in humiliation and neighbors calling the police to report a murder. You can learn more about the update in the official video below. [VentureBeat]

In a press conference earlier today, Sony President and CEO Kazuo Hirai outlined his plans to revitalize the company. Responding to Sony's four-year run of financial losses, Hirai announced a shift away from televisions and increased focus on the corporation's mobile device, camera, and game business. "The time for Sony to change is now," the chief executive said. Hirai hopes to increase video-game sales to 1 trillion yen (approximately $12.3 billion) by March 2015 by investing in casual and downloadable titles. [New York Times]

If you thought that your Star Wars: The Old Republic character was desperately in need of some family ties and maybe a puppy, good news: Developer BioWare has a huge content patch just for you. Update 1.2, also known as "Legacy," allows players to assemble all of their characters into a family unit, even if they belong to different classes or factions; doing so will unlock new custom abilities and a general feeling of togetherness. BioWare is also offering 30 free days of play time for players with level 50 characters. Additionally, if you are an existing subscriber or a new player who signs up before April 21, you will receive an exclusive Tauntaun Ram pet to keep you warm on those cold Hoth nights. And speaking of BioWare:

The Mass Effect 3 character import patch may be glitched. According to a report at Joystiq, this week's fix — which repaired a bug preventing the import of characters created for the first Mass Effect — may be causing periodic game crashes when players attempt to log onto Electronic Arts' servers. If this has happened to you, go ahead and report it here, where developers are gathering data to isolate the problem. Personally, I have mixed feelings. On one hand, I'm glad players are closer to getting what they want out of Mass Effect 3, but on the other, I was kind of looking for a good excuse not to use my Shepard.

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