Update: Sony confirms God of War: Ascension (with video)

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Sony 4/19 teaser

[Update: Sony has confirmed the game in a blog post.]

Kratos is coming back. Sony confirmed that it is producing the next game in the God of War series, subtitled Ascension. Sony had intended to surprise us all on Thursday, but a hiccup in that plan popped up on Wednesday as Amazon accidentally leaked a listing for the game prematurely, according to a report on Neoseeker.

The retailer has since pulled the page, but a teaser trailer (see below) is still up for your viewing pleasure and suggests that Kratos’ new adventure will be a prequel. That’s probably the right decision; I’m pretty sure that by the end of the third game, he was completely out of things to murder.

Sony now says you should watch its Facebook fan page for the game on April 30 at 8 am Pacific time for a live streaming event. Todd Papy, game director, said that he will answer questions on Twitter on @PlayStation and that questions should be sent via tweet by 3 pm Pacific time on Friday.