Awesome art: Disney princesses reimagined in Final Fantasy X-2’s dresspheres (gallery)

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White Mage Rapunzel Disney Final Fantasy X-2 Princess Dressphere

Talented Deviant artist xskirtzx has posted a Final Fantasy/Disney princess mash-up gallery. She’s assigned a unique dressphere (character class) from Final Fantasy X-2 to each of the princesses,  and the results are very imaginative. Above is a White Mage Rapunzel, and in the gallery below you’ll see the reimagined Ariel, Mulan, and many others, as well as the original characters from Final Fantasy X-2 that inspired the artist.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I would definitely play this game. Disney and Square Enix have already teamed up on the Kingdom Hearts franchise, so anything’s possible….

[vb_gallery id=419187]

Head on over to the Disney Dressphere Project to see the rest of the princesses.