A dedicated fan turns the Uncharted games into movies

Uncharted 3 plane crash
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Uncharted 3 plane crash

Many gamers know the Uncharted series for its well-written characters and dialogue, but not everyone has experienced the fun stories of these PlayStation 3 exclusives. Well, thanks to YouTube user morphinapg, you can now watch each installment of the Uncharted trilogy as a movie.

In a post on Reddit, he explained his decision to create the films: “The Uncharted games are personally my favorite series of games, with Uncharted 2 and 3 being my favorite games of all time. They’re certainly the most cinematic games I’ve ever played. I’ve often heard many people describe these games as like controlling a movie and have heard many people say that these games are just as fun to watch as they are to play, and I agree with both of those things. That gave me the idea to edit these games into movies.”

He created the videos by editing playthroughs of each title and focusing on the cut-scenes and more cinematic moments of the gameplay. He tried to eliminate button prompts, chapter titles, and anything else that highlighted the gaminess of the series.

“In the end, my goal was to make a movie that would be watchable whether the viewer was a fan of Uncharted or not and whether the viewer was a video game player or not,” morphinapg wrote on the YouTube page for his video. “My initial reason was to find a way to show the story of these games to people in my family who don’t play video games. I think I succeeded. ”