According to the Internet: The Walking Dead season two in five pictures or less

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The Walking Dead game TV comic season premier finale giveaway Carl

AMC’s bastardization adaptation of The Walking Dead recently wrapped its second season. With over 9M viewers tuning in for the season finale, a third season is guaranteed. But while fans wait for the rumored October premiere, they’ve taken to analyzing the show up to this point (in meme form, of course).

If you haven’t seen the show yet, this is a pretty concise recap of what happened (minor spoilers):

[vb_gallery id=423134]

Okay, so that was more like six pictures….

After two whole seasons, it seems like the show is finally on its way to course-correcting itself, so GamesBeat is celebrating by giving away five season passes for The Walking Dead PC game. That’s five whole months of episodic game content! Just leave a comment below, and we’ll randomly select the winners on Monday.

Images via The Laughing Dead