Bethesda announces first downloadable content for Skyrim, “Dawnguard”

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Skyrim: Dawnguard

After a teasy tweet from the official Elder Scrolls Twitter account yesterday, Bethesda, the developer of last fall’s blockbuster role-playing game Skyrim, released the above picture on its blog, along with an announcement that was so short that it didn’t have to be shortened for Twitter. Other than the (slightly creepy) snapshot, Bethesda announced the add-on would be “coming this summer to Xbox 360″ and that we will receive more information at the Electronic Entertainment Expo next month.

Recent rumors, based on analysis of game files, point toward the DLC introducing crossbow weapons, and new feeding animations for vampires. “Dawnguard” does sound like a cool name for a group of vampire hunters…that, or a really awful hair metal band. I’m actually torn on which one would be a better addition to the world of Skyrim.