News Blips: Skyrim DLC announced, Max Payne 3 multiplayer packs priced, everything you wanted to know about Diablo III’s auction house, and more

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I'm kind of glad I haven't started Skyrim yet; I prefer not to sell my life to a game in installments.

News Blips:

Developer Bethesda announced the first downloadable content for its mega-hit Skyrim today. The DLC is called "Dawnguard," it's launching on Xbox 360 this summer, and…well, that's all we know. We'll hear more at next month's Electronic Entertainment Expo, but until then, gaze deeply into Dovahkiin's freaky glowing eyes and just drift away. [Bethesda Blog]

In more concrete DLC news, Rockstar Games is now accepting pre-orders sales for Max Payne 3's upcoming downloadable maps. The developer has announced seven multiplayer expansions it will release throughout the second half of this year. Gamers can either get them separately as they come out, or they can save some money by picking up a Rockstar Pass for 2,400 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live (or $29.99 in human money on the PlayStation Network or PC). The up-front purchase doesn't unlock the content any sooner, but it does represent a "more than 35 percent discount" over 5 the à la carte option. What is it with this game and the number 35, anyway? [GamesBeat]

Blizzard wants you to hit the ground shopping when Diablo III comes out in two weeks. That's why it published this handy guide explaining all the ins and outs of buying things with virtual money. Or real money, if you live in a qualifying region (sorry, Asia!) and that's how you roll. The developer also released a FAQ outlining Diablo III's Global Play functionality, which allows players from to hop servers and join people from all over the globe in clicking things to death.

Electronic Arts has joined forces with in-flight game dealer DTI Software to get the developer/publisher's games into the backs of airplane seats. I think we can all agree that the absolute best time to play Monopoly is when one is trapped in a metal tube hurtling improbably through the air, and EA knows that. The deal also includes titles like Madden NFL 12, Scrabble, The Sims 3, and SimCity 4 Deluxe, among others. So, if you hate air travel as much as I do, maybe playing some Need for Speed: Shift will calm you down. Actually, wait…that might have the opposite effect.

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