News Blips: Nintendo DSi prices dropping, Dishonored in October, and Assassin’s Creed 3′s first gameplay trailer

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I lost the giant pen-like stylus for my DSi XL a couple months ago. Yes, it is possible.

News Blips:

Nintendo announced today that it will be dropping the prices of the DSi and DSi XL later this month. Starting May 20, the two systems will retail for $99.99 and $129.99, respectively. This makes a lot of sense, considering stores were selling the XL and the newer 3DS at the same price. During last month's financial results briefing, Nintendo said that it was working on cutting the manufacturing costs of its portable systems; considering the company does not traditionally sell hardware at a loss, this price cut suggests that it found a way to hook that up. "With graduations looming, Father's Day approaching and the start of the summer travel season imminent, the new suggested retail prices appeal to all kinds of shoppers," said the official press release. So go ahead, kids: Buy your dad an XL for his special day. His eyes are weak because he's old, and Imagine Babyz Fashion isn't going to play itself.

Developer Arkane Studios' magical assassination game Dishonored is coming out on October 9. I assume publisher Bethesda Softworks noticed the BioShock-Infinite-shaped hole in October and thought, "Score!", because I'm pretty sure that we would have had another Alan Wake/Red Dead Redemption situation here if they'd launched that closely to each other. You now have five months to come up with as many "BioShock's Creed" jokes as you can.

Hey, thanks for all that work, fans! You unlocked the new Assassin's Creed III trailer (below). I will now watch it at least a dozen times. Today, because 1,776,000 people (NUDGE) plugged the title on Facebook, developer Ubisoft released the first gameplay trailer for its highly anticipated October 30 release (you have a three-week head start, Dishonored). The footage features new protagonist Connor Kenway killing Redcoats, leaping over things so he can kill horse-mounted Redcoats, using one Redcoat as a human shield so that the other Redcoats kill that Redcoat, and HOLY SHIT A BEAR. If you can perform an Air Assassination on a bear in this thing, it's going to be my Game of the Forever.

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