Spotlight: Cloud, Neverwinter, Guild Wars 2, soundtracks, and more

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The Community Spotlight features some of the best unedited articles that didn't quite make the front page. This week, we look at the precursor to Journey and Flower, listen to some of last year's best soundtracks, visit the realm of Neverwinter, and do science. (Lemons not included.)

Games that break the mold: Cloud
By Antonio Byrd

Everyone knows about thatgamecompany's hit projects Journey and Flower, but you might not have known that the creators of those titles started with a USC student project called Cloud. Antonio breaks it down for us.

Top 5 video game official soundtracks (2011-2012)
By Dan Price

I'm a huge fan of game music (as you've probably figured out by now). So I was interested to read Dan's unique picks for best soundtrack of the past year or so. Guess I need to listen to the tunes of Katawa Shoujo!

Neverwinter PAX East 2012 impressions
By Chandler Tate

The original Neverwinter Nights is one of my favorite games of all time. If the upcoming MMO Chandler describes is anything like it, you can count me in. Read on for the rest of his thoughts.

The Science Portal starring Cave Johnson (and Jackson Ryan)
By Jackson W. Ryan

No, Jackson didn't hire Portal 2 voice actor J.K. Simmons to write an article for him. But he is starting a series of gaming articles with a scientific bent. His topic for the first entry: Do video games make us disbelieve? 

Guild Wars 2 beta impressions
By Michael Fossbakk

Community writer Nathan Jedziniak shared his thoughts on the Guild Wars 2 beta in last week's Spotlight. Michael does the same thing this week. Compare and contrast at your leisure. 

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