Square Enix reports fiscal year profit thanks to a couple of big hits

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Square Enix reported a profit for its fiscal year that ended March 31 thanks to sales of its Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Deus Ex: Human Revolution titles.

The company reported 127.9 billion yen ($1.59 billion) in sales for the year, up 2 percent from a year ago. Net income was 6.06 billion yen, or $75 million, compared with a loss of 12 billion yen, or $150 million, a year before. Yoichi Wada, president of Square Enix, said in a statement that the company saw improved sales from the two big releases as well as sales of social and online games.

It’s kind of a rarity for a traditional Japanese game publisher to make money these days. Nintendo, Sony, and Sega all lost money in their most recent fiscal years. In the coming year, Square Enix plans to launch some big games such as a remake of Tomb Raider that will hopefully continue this upward trend.