Fresh Beyond Good & Evil 2 screenshots

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Jade BGE2 Beyond Good and Evil 2

Droplets of Beyond Good and Evil 2 info continue to leak from the Ubisoft faucet. In a batch of recent images from the action-adventure title, developer Ubisoft provides a decent look at Jade’s new setting. The screenshots don’t contain much action, but we can see dozens of signs for seafood, Jade’s JNCO-like pants, and a cow.

While the game’s creator, Michel Ancel, busies himself in the Rayman universe, fans of Beyond Good and Evil can take heart that these bits of information continue to surface. “We are in the active-creation stage and, at this moment, we are only focusing on the game and making it the best that we can,” Ancel said in an interview with Toulouse Game. So it’s coming, and hopefully the wait won’t be another nine years.

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