Spotlight: Dragon’s Dogma, Major League Gaming, F-Zero fan trailer, and more

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The Community Spotlight features some of the best unedited articles that didn't quite make the front page. This week, we take Dragon's Dogma for a test flight, examine the future of professional gaming, hit the track for an F-Zero 3DS fan trailer, and more. Helmets on for safety, everyone.

Dragon's Dogma demo impression
By Jeff Brown

Jeff gives the new action-RPG from Capcom a spin via the recently released demo on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. He points out that the game will have a tough uphill battle, since original intellectual properties are a harder sell late in a console's life cycle. Will Dragon's Dogma buck the trend?

MLG: The next step for gaming?
By Nathaniel Dziomba

"I can’t decide whether to despise Major League Gaming for trying to turn my favorite hobby into a contest," Nathaniel writes, "or passionately support their cause to bring competitive gaming to the West." He considers whether increased exposure and popularity for gaming is a good thing. What do you think?

Let's Analyze: The future of handheld consoles
By Michael Kyle

Portable gaming machines have had a rough time lately, as the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita have both underperformed at retail. Michael tries to find the sources of their struggles.

What makes a role-playing game?
By Nathan Jedziniak

Ah, the age-old question of defining the RPG genre. Nathan takes a shot at answering this long-time conundrum, and he comes up with two key factors: immersion and depth. Read on and see if you agree.

F-Zero 3DX teaser trailer
By Jan Neves

Our man Jan brings back Nintendo's futuristic racing franchise in this fan-made fictional trailer. Makes me want to jump in the Blue Falcon and head to Mute City right now. Click through and check it out.

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