Next month in June, Korean tech blog beSUCCESS is hosting the beLAUNCH conference to showcase the coolest and most disruptive startups from South Korea and other Asian countries. VentureBeat Founder & Editor-in-Chief Matt Marshall and writer Meghan Kelly are participating in the event, judging startups, and reporting on the new technology they see.

Speakers at beLAUNCH include representatives from Twitter, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and more. You can get a peek at the full agenda here (click English on the top right). The event takes place June 13 and 14, 2012 at the atCenter in Seoul, South Korea.

In addition to fireside chats and speaker panels, there will be a startup competition called the “beLAUNCH Start-up Battle.” Twenty startup finalists will compete for cash, the opportunity to attend the DEMO Fall 2012 conference, and other prizes.

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A sampling of the Korean companies participating in the event include:

Nexon — A Japanese-based Korean gaming company that uses a free-to-play and virtual goods business model, similar to and bigger in market cap than Zygna.

Coupang — South Korea-based daily deals site, similar to Groupon. The company ranks number one in Korean social commerce.

Ticketmonster — Acquired by LivingSocial, this is the second most popular social commerce site in Korea behind Coupang.

Kakaotalk —  This Korean company has built a free Android messaging app that boasts 46 million users

Daum — South Korea’s top internet portal

If you’ll be in Seoul and would like to attend the event, you can register here. VentureBeat readers can use the code VB2012 to get a 30% discount on beLAUNCH tickets.

Seoul skyline image via Shutterstock

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