3 features Minecraft on Xbox Live desperately needs

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By now it's pretty obvious that the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft isn't nearly as complex as the PC original. While updates are in the works, certain elements from the main game simply won't carry over to the 360. Since mods are out of the question, the next content update is the perfect vessel to turn the console edition into the most streamlined-yet-enjoyable version of Minecraft yet.

Here are three absolutely essential things that should be in the first update:

1. Taming livestock

Right now, the official solution to gathering eggs from chickens is waiting around them for 10 minutes. This is hardly an effective use of your time when monster-filled darkness is steadily encroaching. 

The PC version of the game allows players to tame cows, chickens, pigs, and wolves. Doing so makes it much easier to keep animals close to your base and eases that whole waiting-for-eggs problem. Get enough chickens in a small area and you'll eventually have eggs.


So far, I've seen approximately one egg in the 15 hours I've put into the 360 version of Minecraft, and that happened by pure chance. Being able to keep chickens in a fence because they're tame and not because I managed to build a fence around them might yield a second egg…eventually. 

2. Endermen

Endermen are tall, terrifying enemies that seemingly want to give the player blocks. However, looking directly at them sends them into an endless, murderous chase. They're absolutely horrifying and can spawn anywhere. 

I love that Endermen scare the crap out of me. They're more dangerous than Creepers because their threat isn't as apparent. I really like the idea of having weird, oblivious creatures lurking in Minecraft. One false move and they descend on you like you're the last cake on Earth, and they often appear in tight spaces where you can't help but trigger their hostility.

 I read a bit too much Lovecraft not to dig eerie, near-unstoppable monsters following me around.

3. Hunger bars

You never know how much you rely on something until it's gone. In Minecraft, the hunger bar felt like a miserable idea until it wasn't included in th console version. Apart from giving you a reason to gather ingredients for the various recipes in the game, the hunger bar allows the player's health to regenerate over time as long as they aren't starving. 

After my third surprise Creeper assault, I realized how much I depended on a once-annoying mechanic. Health needs to regenerate. Sometimes you don't have the time or resources to make bread or mushroom soup when one particularly horrible night sends a herd of Creepers hissing to your base. 

If you get hit, you still stand a chance of surviving if your health isn't perpetually declining. But, as the 360 version has shown me recently, the Creepers will never stop. Even when you die, they'll just be waiting for your corpse run. 

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