The anxiety of trying to stay current in video games

I wasn't sure what to say even in the headline for this article, so hopefully "anxiety" is the, not "ideal", but more appropriate word. 

Video games have been apart of my life for as long as I can remember; I remember that Christmas in '97, where I was maybe 6 or 7 and I got my first console, a Nintendo 64 with a copy of Diddy Kong Racing. I played that game for hours at a time and that experience then molded my interest in videogames for the rest of my life. 

As a child, of course, I was so bright eyed and bushy tailed about the world, and definitely not a seer who can tap into what the future holds. For me, at the time it was just pester mom long enough until I get another game I wanted to play. Simple. And easy to keep track of.

Well, It's the present now, and things aren't as easy. The once seemingly simple hobby of videogames is now a lifestyle, and an expensive one. Games now clock up to $60.00 by themselves, not including any DLC, Expansion Packs or whatever re-released/Collectors Edition they come up with later on. There are now three separate home consoles as well as handheld systems and games that are exclusive to the PC/Mac; all of them individually will cost a few arms and legs. And then there's the rumors and whispers saying that we are at the end of this generation and about make way into another one, meaning new and more expensive hardware.

Let's not of course forget the games. The dozens, if hundreds of games being released every year, some exclusive for a certain console, some mulitplatform. And I tell myself that I want to at least play most of them. But video games now aren't these simple little toys that can be finished in a lunch break, they're massive and are design to be played for as long as possible, taking up hours in the day in order to reach the final area and win. And that's maybe, what, just one game of the hundreds, if thousands of games I said that I wanted to play. Let's not forget any old last generation (and some going even further back than that) games I wanted to play that everyone else played but couldn't for whatever reason (money, class work, etc.)

Of course, I'd have to squeeze all of that into my already hectic life of school and part time job. Not to mention my free time efforts of becoming a video game journalism. And definitively not to mention trying to get enough hours of sleep a day and three meals a day. 

…In other words, I'm a little terrified!

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