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DmC: Devil May Cry is full of swagger…and F-bombs

Game of Thrones and other such geekery to be featured in “retro” art gallery

From VentureBeat
Gaming is in its golden age, and big and small players alike are maneuvering like kings and queens in A Game of Thrones. Register now for our GamesBeat 2015 event, Oct. 12-Oct.13, where we’ll explore strategies in the new world of gaming.

ZombiU’s multiplayer plays to the Wii U’s strengths

E3 2012: Halo 4′s War Games is gunning for Call of Duty

Neverwinter’s user-generated content could elevate it above the competition

Microsoft’s SmartGlass reflects the ubiquity of tablets and smartphones (infographic)

Windows 8 works hard to meet the needs of all gamers

Nintendo’s Scott Moffitt has to create mass lust for the Wii U game console (interview)

Finding similarities between Arma III and Carrier Command: Gaea Mission

The big gallery of E3′s huge banners

6 awkward moments from the E3 press conferences (videos)

Why Nintendo will have a tough time adding a second gamepad tablet controller to the Wii U

E3 2012: Halo 4 to release free Spartan Ops episodic mission packs.

Final Fantasy XIV brings new gameplay and western sensibilities to venerable franchise

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