Apple takes its maps to new heights: navigation, 3D, local reviews, & traffic

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With features like 3D everything, turn-by-turn navigation, and constantly updated local listings, iPhone and iPad users aren’t likely to be disappointed with Apple’s all-new maps for iOS 6.

Apple’s new mapping software was built from the ground up and covers the entire world. iOS 6 devices will finally be able to give turn-by-turn navigation (long a selling point for Android phones and tablets). Soon, the maps will also include traffic data.

The software’s new local search includes 100 million business listings out of the box. Listings are integrated with Yelp to include ratings and reviews.

And of course, the whole shebang plugs right into Siri, Apple’s iOS voice-activated virtual assistant. Ask Siri to take you somewhere, and in a moment, you’ll be on your way. If you ask Siri, “Are we there yet,” Siri will respond, like the world’s most patient (or Xanaxed) mother, “Relax and enjoy the drive. You will be there in n minutes.”

Apple’s new maps software will gather anonymous, real-time data crowdsourced from iOS users to keep the maps, listings, and directions accurate and up-to-date.

3D mapping is a feature of the software, and is especially cool for flyovers of downtown areas. You can also see a satellite view, and you can rotate the views and perspectives.

Here’s what the new Apple maps for iOS 6 will look like:

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Additional reporting by Dean Takahashi.

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