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The Bitmob Featured Community Writer series focuses on you, the Bitmob community member. We dust off a writer's old articles and give them their just reward: more eyeballs. We're featuring some of your favorite contributors, some you may have overlooked, and maybe even you!

Marcel Hoang has been a Bitmobber for more than two years, and he's been responsible for some of our all-time most-viewed content. He's shown a keen sense for what's hot in the gaming blogosphere (sometimes before they even know it themselves!), and his humor and knowledge are always evident in his articles.

Plus, he once invoked the Disney Channel original movie Brink! in an article. And for that, he will have my undying respect.

Read on for excerpts from some of Marcel's best articles, both from the front page and the Mobfeed. And he hasn't written a Meet the Mob article yet. Probably because he's hiding something dangerous in that Pringles can.

Front-page highlights

Skullgirls raises questions about the overly sexualized depictions of women in video games: "Despite Skullgirls’ choice in design, I don’t want people to just play this game because it’s good. I want people to respect it for what it’s trying to do and not what it’s trying to display….My god, is this how fans of Dead or Alive feel?"

Discussing Catherine with my girlfriend: "I thought my real-life significant other would agree with me to stay with the less-titillating Katherine, Vincent's current girlfriend who wants him to settle down and grow up. But that wasn't actually the case. Proving to me that I'm a man and not a woman, she actually gave me an argument as to why I should like Catherine, even from the perspective of a female."

Please, stop confusing Brink and Brink!: "One is a new class-based, objective-oriented first-person shooter from developer Splash Damage, which brings daring new ideas to the genre that encourage teamwork and class synergy. The other is a Disney Channel original movie about rollerblading, the love of the sport, and friendship. "It takes a champ to stay in line." Get it!?"



Mobfeed highlights

Welcome to Minecraft: 6 great things to do to get started: "Eventually you will mine deeper and deeper until you have yourself a bona fide mineshaft. Either you'll have one right inside your home or you may stumble across a natural cave system. Either way, it's an eerie experience suddenly breaking into a natural spring, dimly lit by the torches behind you. Could there be monsters here? And how much deeper can this go?"

How to play Halo: Reach if you hate Halo: "Take a tip from me: If you want to try Halo even though you hate Halo, stay away from playlists like Team Slayer and game variants like Team SWAT. Try these, and you may grow to love Halo for the unpredictable carnage and not the kills."

A simplified history of Pokémon's metagame part 1: Red and Blue: "At its most basic, Pokémon hasn't changed a whole lot. You and your opponent send out little monsters, you tell them how to fight and the last one standing is the winner. But how they battle and who was most powerful has changed a great deal since the days of Red, Blue, and Yellow."

Want to be a Featured Community Writer? Then register with Bitmob and start contributing! You need to use your real name, and it wouldn't hurt to write a Meet the Mob post about yourself and tag it with "Meet the Mob." If you have a favorite Bitmob community writer and want to nominate him or her, send me an e-mail at

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