Remember that Steve Jobs comic book? Welp, we got more where that came from.

Bluewater Productions, the team behind Steve Jobs: Co-founder of Apple has just sent us word about a new trio of graphic novels about tech founders. Think of it as fanfic with (probably) less S&M.

The new titles cover the thrilling coming-of-wealth-and-power stories of Bill Gates, Microsoft’s co-founder, and Sergey Brin and Larry Page, who cooked up Google in their spare time lo these many years ago. Also coming out at the end of the year is a graphic novel about Jack Dorsey and his role in Twitter’s founding and early years.

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The publisher’s comic book on Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg sold out last year and is being re-released this summer as a graphic novel, as well.

While the more jaded among us might snicker at the likes of super-serious Dorsey et al. being caricatured in a comic, the biographies are actually drawn from fact and can be instructive for younger readers in particular.

In addition to its meta-nerdery on tech founders, Bluewater also works with folks like William Shatner of Star Trek fame and Vincent Price, a reference all the older goths out there should appreciate.

Bill Gates: The Co-Founder of Microsoft will run you $5.99 for a Kindle version or $7.99 for a hard copy; pricing is the same for “Google” Boys: a Biography.

Here’s a gallery of all five covers and some interior spreads.

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