Dragon Eternity lets iOS gamers play with Android users

Dragon Eternity
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Dragon Eternity

Developer Game Insight has announced a new free-to-play, massively multiplayer online game (MMO), Dragon Eternity, that will offer cross-platform play between iOS, Android, and HTML 5 platforms.

“Dragon Eternity is, by far, one of the most ambitious and exciting projects we’ve ever taken,” said Alisa Chumachenko, chief executive at Game Insight. “Our experience developing and publishing titles for multiple platforms on a global scale has given us a unique toolset to bring players an incredible gaming experience on their platform of choice.”

The fantasy-themed online title will offer plenty of features that gamers would recognize from more traditional MMOs, like the popular World of Warcraft, including player-versus-player combat, pets, mounts, and numerous creatures and bosses to battle either by yourself or with a party of other players.

You can play the game in beta right now at the official Dragon Eternity site.