Earn real recipes while playing Zygna’s new game, ChefVille

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chefville announcement

Zynga announced their take on the restaurant-simulation genre today with ChefVille at its Unleashed event. And what’s the perk for playing ChefVille? You receive something that’s of real use in your kitchen: recipes.

Chefville general manager Jonathan Knight promises that the game will be the most innovative  in its genre thanks to its “Game to Table” feature that sends players e-mail updates of real recipes after completing certain tasks in the game.

Its restaurants are also customizable, as players can outfit them with a wide range of themes, such as a retro 1950s-inspired diner or a rustic Italian bistro. From what we saw today at Unleashed, it looks like you can acquire ingredients in one of two ways: either from buying or crafting items or borrowing “a cuppa” from your friends. Say you’re making a pizza, but you’re missing mozzarella cheese. If you’re missing any items, you can to your friends’ restaurants and get food from them. You can also share recipes among friends and neighbors, and you can offer “VIP services” to them when they visit their restaurant (which can consist of sending flowers or musical entertainment).

Stay tuned for more updates from Zynga Unleashed throughout the day.

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