Activision announces first-person shooter based off The Walking Dead TV show

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Today, Activision launched a teaser website and trailer, The Walking Dead Begins, for its upcoming first-person shooter based on the AMC television adaptation of the popular comic book. This is separate game from the downloadable adventure series that Telltale Games is currently working on.

According to IGN, The Walking Dead Video Game is a “first-person action game” developed by Terminal Reality, who was responsible for the recent releases of Kinect Star Wars, Def Jam Superstar, and Ghostbusters: The Video Game. Set before the events of the TV show’s first season, you play as the crossbow-wielding Daryl Dixon and must fight your way to the zombie-ridden city of Atlanta along with Merle, Daryl’s older brother. Supplies and ammo, however, are scarce, so players must manage them accordingly.

It’s an interesting choice, as both Daryl and Merle represent the TV show’s more unsavory set of characters. The game is scheduled to release sometime in 2013.

We’ve reached out to both Activision and Terminal Reality for further comment, but they have not responded as of this writing.