Bitmob’s Big 10: June 2012′s most-read community stories

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It's the start of another month, and that means it's time for another edition of Bitmob's Big 10, where we find the 10 community articles with the most views and honor them (and their authors) appropriately.

I love compiling this list because I love seeing the different topics, writers, and methods that succeed on the 'Mob. E3 prompted a lot of the discussion in June, but we had two articles featuring zombie-mod DayZ, and the top story of the month broke down a provocative issue in a new light. Good stuff.

Congratulations to everyone, and keep writing!

Here are the most-read community stories for June 2012:

10. Xbox SmartGlass might just save the Wii U by Chase Koeneke

9. Cloned game experiences can lead to innovation by Nathaniel Dziomba

8. DayZ: How an ARMA II mod took the PC world by storm by Giancarlo Valdes

7. Do video games think I am stupid? by Jackson W. Ryan

6. E3 2012: Where dedicated gaming handhelds went to die by Tristan Damen

5. Why Too Human is the most underrated title of this generation by Mark Purcell

4. The Wii U gamepad might not matter in the long run by Mike Callanan

3. Surviving DayZ: The ARMA II mod that challenges your "Humanity" by James Mason

2. Game developers need to stop wasting our time with trailers by Jon Solmundson

1. Hitman: Absolution trailer is indicative of gaming's broken culture by Tristan Damen

Do you want to be on next month's list? Here are some tips:


Catchy headlines: A great one goes a long way — you'd be amazed at how much this matters. If it doesn't draw people's attention, it doesn't matter how good your article is. You can easily double or triple your hits with a catchy and interesting headline.

Format your articles: Short, concise paragraphs and pictures go a long way. Check out our writing tips column, too.

Encourage comments: Ask your readers to share their opinions.

Promote your work: Share your links via Twitter, Facebook, message boards, N4G, Reddit, Raptr, and StumbleUpon.

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