Source Filmmaker now available for free in open beta

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Team Fortress 2

Ever wanted to make movies but, you know, without all the expensive equipment and software? Or maybe you’re just a big fan of the online shooter Team Fortress 2 and would like to recreate Casablanca using its cast of colorful characters. Well, it’s your lucky day. The Source Filmmaker went into open beta today, and it’s a free download.

Source Filmmaker is a tool that allows you to make your own movies inside developer Valve’s Steam engine, which powers games like the first-person puzzler Portal and the zombie-infested Left 4 Dead.

“The SFM condenses the production pipeline of an animation studio down onto a single gaming PC,” said Valve in an e-mail sent to GamesBeat. “To help the community get started, the SFM includes all assets from Team Fortress 2 along with assets from two of the ‘Meet the Team’ short films.”

You can download the program at the official site. You can also check out some of the movies the community has already made here.