Proof that the Adventure Time cartoon translates nicely into a video game

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Here’s proof that the hit animated series Adventure Time translates nicely into a video game. D3 Publisher recently released the first trailer for Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d You Steal Our Garbage?! So far, it looks like a promising blend of the show’s offbeat humor and classic Nintendo Entertainment System-era action.

The video, which is disappointingly devoid of frozen royalty and doesn’t give away a whole lot of details (like what the difference between the Nintendo DS and 3DS versions will be), does show off a decent chunk of the basic gameplay. This includes giant fist attacks, hypnotist worms, the Cosmic Owl, and a cameo by the uncomfortably flirtatious mini-elephant Tree Trunks.


Matt Bozon, lead designer over at developer Wayforward Technologies, recently told Nintendo Power that they looked at a handful of cherished titles on the NES but ultimately decided to draw inspiration from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. If you didn’t already know this, one quick look at that overworld area in the trailer (specifically at 0:25) will clue you in. Hell, the monster is even dark and shadowy, just like the corresponding baddies in that less-memorable Zelda sequel.  

The college film major in me wants to go a step further and analyze the animated intro section. Beemo (the robotic game console belonging to heroes Finn and Jake) begins by asking the guys, “Who wants to play video games?” Then, we see it boot up a loading screen.

This might suggest that the real-life player takes control of the boy and his dog as they play a game on Beemo that’s, in turn, based on their cartoon selves. That would explain the style choice of 8-bit music and sound effects in the rest of the trailer and why the robot’s cute little face is featured on the bottom screen. Or not.

As fun as it is to derive metagame situations like this, for the record, I’m just speculating. Wayforward and D3 will undoubtedly reveal more concrete details about Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d You Steal Our Garbage?! as we approach its fall 2012 release window.  

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