5 things the Deadpool game needs to have

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It’s official. Deadpool, Marvel Comics’ merc with a mouth, is finally getting a video game all to himself. As announced at Comic-Con 2012, Activision and High Moon Studios (the developers behind the most recent Transformers games) will be releasing the title, simply called Deadpool, in 2013.

Check out the official teaser trailer:

After watching the trailer, it looks like the game will be full of the fast-talking raunchiness that Deadpool is so famous for. But since Deadpool is one of my favorite Marvel "heroes," I want to see a few more things come out of this game.


1) Insane hilarity

In the comics, Deadpool has cancer at the time he receives his healing ability, which ends up being his main super power. Because of this, his brain cells are constantly dying and regenerating, causing him to be a bit unstable. But that lack of stability causes some pretty hilarious things to come out of his already fast-talking mouth, and I’d love to hear some off-kilter comments while I’m killing random bad guys.

2) Breaking the fourth wall

Deadpool is infamous for breaking the fourth wall. In other words, he acknowledges that he’s a character inside a comic book. These self-referential moments range from him daydreaming about older issues of his own comic book to talking about his “thought bubbles,” usually to the consternation of other characters. It’d be interesting to see what he says while in his own video game. I want to see him make references to other gaming franchises and Marvel characters. The “Suck it Wolverine” line, from the teaser trailer is a good start. 

3) Dialogue, dialogue, dialogue

While Deadpool is hilarious just when talking to himself, he really shines when he has a dialogue with other people. I hope this game has plenty of characters for Deadpool to interact with, allowing him to put his mouth to good use.


4) Team-up missions

Speaking of dialogue, some of my favorite Deadpool moments have come from the Deadpool Team-Up comics where he joins forces with other Marvel superheroes. Some of these other heroes have included Thor, The Thing, and even Hercules. I think it would be great fun to team up with other Marvel personalities to complete missions, and it would allow for some entertaining banter.

5) Mission diversity

Deadpool is a master assassin, so I hope that missions will utilize his skills and not just hack-and-slash gameplay. He’s also a master of stealth, espionage, infiltration, marksmanship, and hand-to-hand combat. If different missions focus on all of these things, the game will never get boring.

While creating a Deadpool game is very ambitious, the trailer left me optimistic. And I think if this game includes everything I’ve talked about, it will be a great experience.

What do you want to see in a Deadpool game? Leave a comment.

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