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Sound Shapes' "Touch the People" by Beck

Sound Shapes’ roster of musicians continues to impress: Today, developer Queasy Games announced that Beck, the Grammy award-winning alternative rock artist, is contributing music to their 2D side-scrolling platformer. The three original Beck songs exclusive to the game — “Touch the People,” “Spiral Staircase,” and “Cities” — are a part of the newly revealed  “Cities” campaign (pictured above), which also features artwork done by Pyramid Attack.

The music in Sound Shapes is dynamically generated based on the player’s actions on-screen. After completing a campaign, each with their own unique aesthetic and musical influence, players can then use the in-game art and music to create their own custom levels and share it with the community.

The creative mind behind Sound Shapes, Jonathan Mak, is no stranger to music-based games: He was the sole developer of the well-received Everyday Shooter for the PC and PlayStation Network, a dual-stick “abstract shooter” that traded in bullets for guitar riffs.

Beck joins Jim Guthrie (the singer-songwriter responsible for the stellar soundtracks to Indie Game: The Movie and Sword & Sworcery), deadmau5, and I Am Robot and Proud as artists contributing to the game. Sound Shapes will be released on Aug. 7 for $14.99 on both the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Vita — once you buy it for one platform, you’ll also have access to it on the other.

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