Here’s what Firefox OS is going to look like on your phone

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We’ve been itching to know more about Firefox OS ever since Mozilla CEO Gary Kovacs started talking real talk about it to us at SXSW.

And today, we got screenshots. Hooray!

UPDATE, 2:55 p.m. Pacific: A Mozilla rep emailed us back to share the following: “Those screenshots are of Firefox OS, but are outdated. We’ll share new images soon. As an open source company developing products in the open, you can expect to see in-progress mock ups and screenshots of all of our projects as they evolve. These are not any indication of the final product. We’ll keep you posted as we have more to share.”

What we see so far is a relatively simple, touchable interface; pretty typography and big, glossy images; notification pull-downs and roundy-roundy app icons. In a word, it’s about what we’d expect from a company that wants to keep pace with Microsoft, Apple, and Google in terms of what it offers consumers — and, more importantly, in terms of how those offerings affect the state of the industry.

Here’s a sneak peek:

[vb_gallery id=494314]

We’re waiting to get more details directly from Mozilla; since they’re generally rather open, being an open-source operation and all, we expect to hear back from them momentarily and will update this post if any new information is revealed.

hat tip: TechWeekEurope, top image courtesy of SewinMachine