6 video game icons acting hilariously out of character

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The video game industry is littered with great characters, but they’re often a bit … well, one-dimensional. They usually show up in adventure after adventure doing the same exact things, acting the same exact way, even saying the same exact lines. So it’s fun to see some of the biggest icons in virtual entertainment act out of character, even if just for the sake of crude, not-safe-for-work entertainment.

“50 Shades of Grey” is an erotic novel known for explicit scenes of bondage and sadism. Duke Nukem is a game character known for saying macho one liners and the word “balls.” So what happens if Duke Nukem narrates “50 Shades of Grey?” Hilarity, my friends. Absolute hilarity.

The action-adventure series Uncharted has made a name for itself with its likable and well-acted hero, Nathan Drake. But does he become a bit less endearing when he’s shilling for Subway? Yes. Yes he does. Let’s never speak of this again.

The Mario Bros. are arguably the most popular duo in all of gaming, but they’re not the only famous pair of brothers in history. I mean, the Wright Bros. have some claim to fame themselves, having invented the airplane and all that. Well, how do we decide the superior team? With a rap battle, of course!

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