Gajatri Studios reveals the first social yoga game for Facebook

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Yoga Retreat story image

Forget the farms and the word scrambles. If Gajatri Studios has any say in the matter, the next big trend in social gaming will focus on improving your health and wellness. The Helsinki, Finland-based independent developer unveiled details for its first social management title, Yoga Retreat.

Coming to Facebook late this August, Yoga Retreat tasks you with teaching yoga on a virtual island resort in exchange for in-game currency. As you level up, you unlock more yoga techniques (based on the hatha tradition) for use both in the game and in life. And like in other social management games, the in-game currency can be used to upgrade buildings and facilities on the island; if you’re playing with friends, you can also visit their resorts and trade items with one another.

Gajatri Studios was founded in 2011 by Tiina Zilliacus, who not only has 14 years of production and business experience in games, but is also a certified yoga teacher. The developers are hoping Yoga Retreat will become a “daily gaming oasis” for many Facebook players.

While it won’t officially release until next month, a playable beta is available now. A trailer for the game, along with a few screenshots, can be viewed below.

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