Bitmob Hidden Gems: Demon’s Souls, an Ezio obituary, PlayStation relaxation, and more

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Here at Bitmob, we like to write. We know you do, too. In fact, you guys pump out so much great content that some of it gets lost in the abyssal depths of the Mobfeed. And it's scary down there. (Seriously, I think I saw a wendigo in there once.)

So to save you the trouble and from a possible horrific death, we bring these valuable articles to you in a feature called Hidden Gems. Similar to our weekly Spotlights, these are unedited stories that didn't quite make the front page but are worth highlighting…but perhaps these have fallen between the cracks after some time.

In this edition of Hidden Gems, we address the many phantoms of Demon's Souls, pen an obituary for Assassin's Creed's Ezio, kick back with some relaxing PlayStation 2 titles, and more. Check 'em out below. Or take your chances with the wendigo. 

Dear Phantoms of Demon's Souls
By Ben Villareal

Demon's Souls gets less attention now that its younger brother, Dark Souls, has terrorized gamers for almost a year. But Ben looks back fondly at the various Phantoms that could assist (or invade) his game. Except for the Black Phantoms. Those guys are assholes.

Obituary: Ezio Auditore da Firenze
By Giancarlo Valdes

Giancarlo points out that it's rare for gamers to get the chance to play through so much of a character's entire lifespan. Assassin's Creed's Ezio is unusual in that regard. Massive spoilers ahead as Giancarlo looks back on the life and times of this Brotherhood leader. 

The pastorals of video games: 3 titles with a unique tone
By Alex Gagne

Alex picks three games from the PlayStation 2's extensive back catalogue and highlights their calming properties. (Or, to use Alex's word, their "chillventurous tone.") His choices aren't what I would pick — an emulated version of Tecmo Super Bowl on my PC is my wind-down selection — but his analysis is interesting.

Cave Story: A dev's perspective
By Niall Slater

As a budding indie-game developer himself, Niall takes a fascinating look at how the design choices and emotional impact of Cave Story go hand-in-hand. Highly recommended, especially if you've played the game. (And if you haven't…go do it!)

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