Music and videos coming to Ouya via Vevo

Vevo on Ouya
Image Credit: GamesBeat
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Vevo on Ouya

We haven’t heard much about the non-gaming functionality of the Ouya, the open-source, Android-based console that blew up on Kickstarter. Today we learned that the video-streaming app Vevo will be available on Ouya.

Vevo’s library includes over 50,000 music videos, concerts, and original music programming. It has been available on the Xbox 360 since march. The inclusion of music and video shows that Ouya is responding to requests of its fans, and that any modern game console needs to do more than just play games these days.

“Not only will Vevo and Ouya bring high-definition music video programming back to the TV, we’re turning control over to you,” stated Ouya on the latest update to its Kickstarter page. “Access music videos from your favorite artists like JAY Z, Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, Shakira, Kings of Leon, The Killers, Big K.R.I.T., Florence + The Machine, John Mayer and P!nk when you want them and where you want them: on your big, shiny television!”

“At Vevo, our mission is to bring high quality music experiences to users wherever and whenever,” said Vevo on the announcement. “We have always strived to embrace new platforms that developers, creative communities and consumers are excited about. Ouya is just that; it’s one of the most exciting new entertainment platforms we’ve seen, and we think it’s a natural fit for Vevo’s premium music videos and original music programming.”

With just one week left, the Ouya Kickstarter has earned more than $6 million, well above its initial $950,000 goal. While already a success in the crowd-funding world, apps like Vevo will go a long way toward making it a hit with consumers.