The Blackberry PlayBook finally goes 4G LTE, headed to Canada August 9th

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Welcome to the future, PlayBook.

Over a year after its announcement, RIM has finally dropped the release date for the 4G LTE version  of its PlayBook tablet. Available in Canada August 9th, the device will be offered by Bell, Rogers, and Telus.

As expected, the device is almost identical to the non-4G PlayBook: It features a 7-inch display, HDMI out, a pair of cameras, and runs the latest version of the PlayBook operating system. RIM, however did upgrade the processor to 1.5 GHz, which edges out the 1GHz processor found in current models.

Notably, RIM isn’t going all-out on storage options: The 4G LTE PlayBook will only come with 32GB of storage, a move that echoes RIM’s decision to discontinue the 16GB version of the Wi-Fi PlayBook earlier this year.

For RIM, releasing a 4G LTE PlayBook is a clear sign that the company is still invested in the tablet space, something that investors and journalists have been skeptical off for a while.

Naturally, the biggest question on consumers minds (those of you that care, anyway) is this: When will the new PlayBook make an appearance elsewhere? RIM is mum on the details,  but we can expect announcements from the likes of AT&T and Verizon soon enough.

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