Madden NFL 13 - Hawks

The demo for Madden NFL 13 is available for download now on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network.

This little sampling of Madden lets players relive last year’s NFC Championship game between the San Francisco 49ers and the New York Giants. You can also play a less historic match-up between the Seattle Seahawks and the Washington Redskins.

This year’s version of publisher Electronic Arts’ football franchise brings several significant changes, most notably the Infinity Engine, a new technology that brings more realistic physics to Madden. This means that, while colliding players in past years simply triggered canned (and often wonky) animations, this game’s digital athletes will mesh their bodies together much more realistically.

The Xbox 360 version also has support for the motion/voice-sensing Kinect camera. No, you won’t wave your arm around like an idiot to pass the ball, but you can call an audible before snapping the ball.

In a press release sent to GamesBeat, EA claims, “Madden NFL 13 is the most complete overhaul the series has seen in a generation.” While the franchise has always brought in a ton of cash, fans and critics have attacked it for not significantly updating the gameplay from year to year. We’ll see if Madden NFL 13 quiets that point of contention.

Madden NFL 13 comes out for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, and PlayStation Vita on August 28.

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