Microsoft’s Kinect motion controller gets a $40 price drop

Playing Kinect
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Playing Kinect

Microsoft announced today a $40 price drop for the Kinect motion-sensing controller. The peripheral now retails for $109.99 in the U.S. A quick check of popular retailers in the States shows that this is effective immediately. This is the first price cut the device has seen since its November 2010 launch.

According to Microsoft’s Xbox evangelist¬†Major Nelson’s blog, Kinect is also receiving a price drop across North America, Latin America, and Asia Pacific regions where the controller is sold, but a price has not been specified. Australia and New Zealand will see a price cut on Oct. 4. Prices across these regions have not been announced yet and will vary according to their area.

Microsoft specified that there are no plans for a price reduction in Japan, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.