The more striking and distinct a logo font is, the easier it is for us to remember and associate it with a particular product or work. You’d never confuse the “S” in Star Wars with the one in Star Trek.

Part two of our Puzzler (click here for part one) covers letters N through Z. Same dealio as before: We show you a single letter from a game logo, and you guess which title it belongs to.

From VentureBeat
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Stumped? Then take advantage of the hints provided under each image. If you’re feeling lucky, why not also guess the seven names used to make the word “Puzzler” in the top image?

Puzzler N

N. Hint: Size 8 shoe.

Puzzler O

O. Hint: Power sneakers with “blast processing.” (More than one “O”)

Puzzler P

P. Hint: Don’t beat ’em, join ’em.

Puzzler Q

Q. Hint: Match gems and cast spells.

Puzzler R

R. Hint: The ultimate game of cat and mouse.

Puzzler S

S. Hint: Cloak engaged. (More than one “S”)

Puzzler T

T. Hint: Makes you really appreciate your little finger.

Puzzler U

U. Hint: Trade a penguin chick for a star.

Puzzler V

V. Hint: Huge armies of tiny soldiers.

Puzzler W

W. Hint: The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had.

Puzzler X

X. Hint: Half otter. Half weasel. All hero.

Puzzler Y

Y. Hint: An island paradise turned into a brutal death trap.

Puzzler Z

Z. Hint: There’s butter on my head.

Check out page two for the answers.