Spotlight: WWE ’13, Just Cause 2, Ubisoft and piracy, Pokemon Conquest, and more

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The Community Spotlight features some of the best unedited articles that didn't quite make the front page. This week, we step into the squared circle with WWE '13, explore the madness that is the Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod, discuss Ubisoft's PC piracy issues, and more. 

WWE '13's 'Attitude Era' isn't capable of recapturing what wrestling used to be
By Brandon Guerrie

I'm something of a closet wrestling fan, but I came to the scene later in life, so I never played the classic Nintendo 64 grapplers. Brandon says that today's games are a reflection of today's wrestling stories and characters…and that neither are a good thing.

Glorious schadenfreude: Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod
By Adam Carey

We've had multiple articles about Just Cause 2 lately, but Adam's focuses on the recently released multiplayer mod for the PC version of the open-world title. Like the zombie-apocalypse mod DayZ, Adam says this mode lends itself to crazy, creative, emergent gameplay.

I'm so over zombies
By Trevor Hinkle

Speaking of zombies, Trevor is so over them. It's true that we've seen a veritable outbreak (get it?) of undead-focused titles in the last few years. Trevor says it's putting a damper on gaming creativity. "At this point, let’s give those zombies a break from eating our brains and our lead," he writes.

How much of Ubisoft's PC piracy is their fault?
By Justin Davis

Ubisoft recently made the claim that up to 95 percent of their games are pirated. Justin considers the possibility that the company has brought that fate upon itself with draconian digital-rights management policies. "Instead of learning from their mistakes, Ubisoft has made things progressively worse with each release," he says.

The best strategy game since Final Fantasy Tactics and Disgaea
By Anthony Conta

Quite a cliffhanger, that headline. What is that game, you might wonder? Anthony says it's Pokemon Conquest, the bizarre mashup between Pikachu and crew and Nobunaga's Ambition, Koei's venerable strategy series. Anthony says he's been playing for 90 hours, he's only halfway through the game, and he still loves it. Guess the combination did something right.

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