Accessory maker may have accidentally leaked Wii U’s release date

Little Miss Whoops
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Little Miss Whoops

We’ve been waiting for Nintendo to reveal the launch date for its newest system, the Wii U, but we may have gotten the information earlier than the Japanese gaming giant would have liked.

Gaming accessory maker PDP was showing upcoming products at a GameStop managers’ conference in Texas when it stated that the new peripherals would be available for the Wii U before its November 18 release date, according to Kotaku.

“They changed the subject real quickly once they realized what they said,” according to Kotaku’s source at the event.

While unconfirmed, this would make a lot of sense. Nintendo’s last two home consoles, the GameCube and the Wii, both launched in mid- November (November 18, 2001, and November 19, 2006, respectively). This takes full advantage of the holiday shopping season. Many are expecting Nintendo to officially announce the Wii U’s launch date and price at a press event in New York City on September 13.

We have contacted Nintendo and GameStop for comment and will update this story if they respond.

UPDATE: Here is Nintendo’s response: ““We have nothing to announce at this time.”