GamesBeat’s Guild Wars 2 gallery exhibit

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ArenaNet and NCsoft’s long-awaited follow-up to the award-winning original has been in the works for five years, but Guild Wars 2 is finally upon us! Just as we did with Tera, GamesBeat is celebrating the MMO’s release with an exhaustive image exhibit featuring all of the races, professions, and character-creation options available to players in the game. Enjoy!

Profession Galleries

See the eight different professions and how bad-ass (or cute) each race looks as them!

Character Creation Galleries

Want to plan your character’s appearance ahead of time or see some pre-made suggestions?

In addition to all the galleries and information you’ll find at the above links, you can also check out some of ArenaNet’s amazing Guild Wars 2 concept and promotional art below:

[vb_gallery id=519637]

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Lore and game descriptions taken from the official Guild Wars 2 site and wiki.

All gallery screenshots were captured on an HP HPE Pavilion Phoenix gaming computer.