GamesBeat’s exclusive golden Skyrim NES cart giveaway

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GamesBeat is proud to announce our Golden Skyrim NES Cart Giveaway (“GSCGQZ324D.01.1a” for short). We’ve partnered up with Pauline Acalin and the fine folks at 72pins to create retro Skyrim carts. The 72pins team already has a great selection of modern games reimagined as 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System carts, and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim seemed like a great fit. But we wanted to go one step beyond and upgrade to golden cartridges and then give them out to GamesBeat readers (that’s you!).

Only 10 of these golden cartridges were made, and they’re entirely exclusive to this giveaway.┬áBut winning them is relatively easy:

  • We’ll be posting galleries of some of the coolest and most creative mods available for the PC version of Skyrim.
  • All you have to do RT the corresponding tweet on Twitter and leave a comment on the article itself.
  • A winner will be chosen randomly each week and contacted on Twitter, so make sure you’re following @GamesBeat!

Here’s a list of mod posts so far:

  1. The Lord of the Rings vs. Star Wars
  2. Skyrim Cribs
  3. Super Skyrim Bros.

If you miss out on these golden carts or prefer the regular grey carts, 72pins is now taking orders for the standard Skyrim carts at $16 a pop. We previously interviewed Acalin about 72pins in case you’re interested in the business aspect or process behind making the carts. (Hint: Each one is a working but totally random NES game).