You may be wearing your next gaming platform

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The clothes you wear can one day function as a controller for your gaming console or television, an extension of your smartphone, and a real-world game thanks to Woven, an e-wearable platform, as its inventors call it.

Christiaan Ribbens and Patrick Kersten are the minds behind Woven. It’s a project seven months in the making that consists of a sweater and jeans with built-in sensors, vibration motors, speakers, a heart-rate monitor, and LED lights. All of these features work together to make wearing your clothing an interactive gaming and social networking experience.

The clothing connects to your smartphone for Twitter and Facebook integration. For instance, receiving a direct Tweet may cause the shirt to light up in the pattern of a blue bird to let you know that you’ve received a new message.

Woven is still limited to two prototypes. It’s hard to tell if it will ever go beyond its current state, but it could serve as a cool concept of what is possible with clothing. I don’t imagine the tech is totally cheap, though, and I’d hate for it to rain while we’re walking around in our flashy, vibrating LED sweater.

[via WearableGames]