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Angry Birds Trilogy achievements

With the upcoming release of Angry Birds Trilogy for the Xbox 360 on September 25, the original Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, and Angry Birds Rio are all bundled together, along with 50 Achievements for 1,000 total Gamerscore.

First spotted by x360a, most of the Achievements are straightforward completion milestones: complete an episode, collect all the things, and so forth. However, it does have a handful of distinct goals, such as “Hyperefficient,” which tasks the player with finishing a level using a single bird; and “Squakward,” which requires 10 birds to be launched backward.

Unfortunately, Angry Birds Space is not included in the retail package, but knowing publisher Activision, you’ll be asked to pay for it (and new levels) as downloadable content soon enough.

  1. Squeak: Smash a pig
  2. Sniper: Smash a distant pig with a direct hit
  3. Bacon: Smash 1,000 pigs
  4. Stardust: Collect 500 stars
  5. You are a Star: Get three stars in any level
  6. You are a Superstar: Get three stars in all levels in an episode
  7. You are Elvis: Get three stars in every single level
  8. Tiny Eagle: Get 100 percent Eagle score in five levels
  9. Mighty Eagle: Get 100 percent Eagle score in every single level
  10. Completed Poached Eggs: Complete Classic Episode 1 (without the Mighty Eagle)
  11. Completed Mighty Hoax: Complete Classic Episode 2 (without the Mighty Eagle)
  12. Completed Danger Above: Complete Classic Episode 3 (without the Mighty Eagle)
  13. Completed The Big Setup: Complete Classic Episode 4 (without the Mighty Eagle)
  14. Completed Ham’Em High: Complete Classic Episode 5 (without the Mighty Eagle)
  15. Completed Mine and Dine: Complete Classic Episode 6 (without the Mighty Eagle)
  16. Completed Trick or Treat: Complete Seasons Episode 1 (without the Mighty Eagle)
  17. Completed Season’s Greedings: Complete Seasons Episode 2 (without the Mighty Eagle)
  18. Completed Hogs and Kisses: Complete Seasons Episode 3 (without the Mighty Eagle)
  19. Completed Go Green, Get Lucky: Complete Seasons Episode 4 (without the Mighty Eagle)
  20. Completed Easter Eggs: Complete Seasons Episode 5 (without the Mighty Eagle)
  21. Completed Summer Pignic: Complete Seasons Episode 6 (without the Mighty Eagle)
  22. Completed Mooncake Festival: Complete Seasons Episode 7 (without the Mighty Eagle)
  23. Completed Smugglers’ Den: Complete Rio Episode 1 (without the Mighty Eagle)
  24. Completed Jungle Escape: Complete Rio Episode 2 (without the Mighty Eagle)
  25. Completed Beach Volley: Complete Rio Episode 3 (without the Mighty Eagle)
  26. Completed Carnival Upheaval: Complete Rio Episode 4 (without the Mighty Eagle)
  27. Completed Airfield Chase: Complete Rio Episode 5 (without the Mighty Eagle)
  28. Completed Smugglers’ Plane: Complete Rio Episode 6 (without the Mighty Eagle)
  29. Worldwide Angry Bird: Complete all Episodes (without the Mighty Eagle)
  30. Block Breaker: Smash 5,000 blocks
  31. Block Annihilator: Smash 100,000 blocks
  32. Woodpecker: Smash 5,000 Wooden Blocks
  33. Gravel Factory: Smash 5000 Stone Blocks
  34. Icebreaker: Smash 5000 Ice Blocks
  35. Pointastic: Get 10,000,000 total points
  36. Egg Hunter: Unlock five Golden Egg levels
  37. Egg Collector: Unlock all Golden Egg levels
  38. Egg Guru: Complete 10 Golden Egg levels
  39. Egg Master: Complete all Golden Egg levels
  40. Splash of Flavor: Collect 10 Rio fruits
  41. River of Flavor: Collect all Rio fruits
  42. Blockpocalypse: Smash 50 blocks with the first bird (before launching another bird)
  43. Voyager: Launch 5,000 birds
  44. Squawkward: Launch 10 birds backwards
  45. Wright Flyer: Make a bird fly 200 meters
  46. Spirit of St. Louis: Send birds flying 100 km
  47. Hyperefficient: Finish a level with a single bird
  48. Pig-friendly: Fail a level 10 consecutive times
  49. Supper-Effective: Clear out a level completely (without the Mighty Eagle)
  50. Scramble: Have five different birds in play at one time

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