Zynga’s next three ‘With Friends’ games revealed (not really)

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Today, social game developer Zynga announced the global launch of the sixth installment in its With Friends series, Gems With Friends. The company is currently focusing on the release of its sequel to the Facebook friend annoyance platform Farmville, but future additions to the With Friends suite are inevitable.

Here are three games that Zynga may very well be bringing to your iPhone in the near future (OK, probably not), and how they will get your money.

Shooting With Friends

The game: Maybe you've never played Bitmob editor Layton Shumway at Words With Friends, but if you had, you'd wish that you could follow up your sound whooping with some old-fashioned video game justice. So, enough of this puzzle shit. It's time to get down to business, and that means guns and plenty of them.

Shooting With Friends will allow players to invite their buddies and family members into the virtual arena to slap iron in a series of high-intensity shootouts.

The microtransactions: Your first gun and three bullets will be free. Everything after that will cost you.

This is actually a Flash game called GunBlood.


Rock, Paper, Scissors With Friends

The game: Do you know what the best thing about Rock, Paper, Scissors is? Nobody can sue you for copyright infringement if you make a version of it. You're welcome, Zynga. Rock, Paper, Scissors With Friends brings all the action of the beloved playground/"Who is paying for this pizza?" game to your iPhone, with none of that real, physical interaction to get in the way.

The microtransactions: You probably think that I'm going to make a joke here about unlocking "Rock" with a micropayment, but that would be ridiculous.

Instead, players will be able to purchase colorful, fun stickers with which they can decorate their game items. Do you want people to know that you really like puppies? Throw down some coin and you can put a puppy on your rock. High rollers will be able to unlock SUPER PREMIUM PACKS to make their scissors sparkle or some shit.

Rock Paper Scissors

Texting With Friends

The game: Texting With Friends combines two things people do a lot with their phones: play weird little games and send text messages. Zynga's version will award points based on approaching (but not exceeding) character limits, proper spelling, and well-timed links to videos of adorable kittens. Players will lose points for things like auto-correct fails, improper usage of emoticons, and using numbers instead of letters. If either player sends a picture of a penis, everyone loses.

The microtransactions: Very few people insist on using proper capitalization or punctuation in text messages, but those who wish to do so can purchase the Capitalization Booster Pack, the Comma Add-On, or the Semicolon Premium Content.


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