Google Docs editing comes to iOS — two years after Android

Google Docs editing for iOS
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Google Docs editing for iOS

Google does love Apple…a bit.

Today Google announced that on-the-go editing in Google Docs is available for iPhone and iPad — just like it’s been available for Android-based devices since November 2010. But what’s two years between frenemies?

This has one little caveat: You must use the Google Drive app.

If so, you’ll be able to create docs, edit docs, and format text … pretty much everything you expect to do in a Google Docs document. In addition, Google announced that you’ll be able to manage folders and document locations in the updated Drive app.

It’s great to see this — the only question is why it took this long. One feather in Google’s cap is that it has beaten Apple to mobile editing of productivity documents on its own platform.

Here’s a quick overview of Google Drive:

Google has updated the Android app with the capability to add and reply to comments in documents. For both iOS and Android, your edits appear in seconds to others viewing the same documents, and you can upload photos directly from your mobile devices.

In addition, Drive is now available in over 30 languages.

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