Cool gaming demos at Intel’s developer event (gallery)

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Intel showed off a few cool gaming demos at the Intel Developer Forum today in San Francisco. You can see the neat racing game demo above, complete with a cockpit, steering wheel, and pedals.

The company’s revelation about “perceptual computing” has plenty of implications for games as well. Coming in the next year or so, computers will come equipped with touchscreens, mice, and keyboards as well as Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system. And that includes voice, face, and 10-finger-gesture recognition.

SoftKinetic will provide the latter using a 3D depth camera, which sits above a laptop and captures finger and body movements anywhere from six inches to three feet away. Dadi Perlmutter, executive vice president of Intel, showed off the technology in his keynote speech. He demonstrated how he could launch a catapult at a castle target using only his fingers without touching the computer.

Check out some of the other demos in our photo gallery.

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