iPhone 5 allows ‘ghost racing’ against another player’s best time in Real Racing 3

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SAN FRANCISCO — Electronic Arts showed off one of the cool features of the new iPhone 5 today at Apple event at the Yerba Buena Center. In Real Racing 3, you can race against another player (of course). But the cool part is that the player doesn’t have to be playing the game live. If you upload your greatest race to the network, your friend can race against your score.

But it’s more than this: As you play, you can see your friend’s car racing in the game as you race your car on the track. If you pass the player, you literally see your car pass your friend’s car as if it were a live race.

Rob Murray the executive producer of EA Mobile studios, showed what EA can do with the more powerful A6 processor in the iPhone 5.

“The graphics have been built to full console quality,” he said. “We used game center to produced one of the coolest new features…time shifted multi-player. I can challenge [a player] one day and he can play me the next. This is something we’ve never seen done before. This is Real Racing 3 for the powerful new iPhone.”

The game graphics feature reflections on the cars and enough horsepower to show you your rear view mirror imagery on the iPhone 5.

Real Racing 3 demo on iPhone 5 from Venturebeat on Vimeo.


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