Subscribe to PlayStation Plus on PS3? You’ll have Plus for your Vita in November

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PlayStation Plus on Vita

Sony announced early Wednesday morning in Japan that it would finally bring its PlayStation Plus service to the Vita portable game console starting in November.

The good news is that a Plus subscription is universal. If you have one on the PlayStation 3, you’ll have it on the Vita. This also does not come with any price increase. The 90-day price remains $17.9, and the yearly is still $49.99.

As you might expect, the bonuses in the Vita version of the Plus service are similar to those on the PS3.

Sony will offer up full games for free, and these remain accessible as long as you maintain your membership. Sony didn’t announce any specific titles for the service. Plus-users will also receive access to exclusive discounts on designated content.

Additionally, Plus comes with a suite of online services. Vita-owning Plus gamers will get 1GB of online game save storage. This service also brings along the background downloading option that can often spare Sony-hardware owners the 10 minutes of updates that often greets them when they turn on their system.

The PlayStation Vita debuted in February to favorable reviews. Since then, the device has had a bit of a struggle competing with Nintendo’s 3DS and the wider consumer-electronic market Apple dominates. A Wi-Fi-only Vita goes for $249.99, while the 3G model is $299.99.